To be a professional at anything the individual must be committed and passionate. Too many people end up in sales because they haven’t been successful at anything else or they just got into sales by accident or circumstance. They tend to feel stuck and try to make the most of it. This will lead to a disaster for everyone. The salesperson will be unfulfilled, the customer will feel cheated and the company suffers.

Most salespersons do not enjoy selling because they are untrained; the worst of all possibilities. I started my selling career when I was 22 years old; with no training. I can’t ever remember feeling more rejection than I did at that time. It was horrible and that was the experience that motivated me to spend most of my life to understand why people buy and why they don’t. Today I understand selling as an exact science. Anyone can be successful in professional selling if they are properly trained. Unfortunately, traditional sale training doesn’t work well; mine does.

If you are in sales, possibly struggling or simply burning out there is a solution. To be successful in professional selling one must become as expert in dealing with their prospects as they are expert in what their selling. When you realize this and prepare, selling will not only be extremely lucrative but also very enjoyable. I have been self-employed since 1972 and I often have said to myself that there is only one position that I would have accepted besides what I have done. My second choice would have been professional selling because every salesperson really is self-employed. They build their future by practicing the law of compensation and no one can steal that from them. They own their loyal customers and if it becomes necessary to move to another position, they take those loyal customers with them.